my dream我的梦想英语作文(优秀5篇)

无论是在学校还是在社会中,大家都不可避免地会接触到作文吧,作文是人们把记忆中所存储的有关知识、经验和思想用书面形式表达出来的记叙方式。你知道作文怎样写才规范吗?书痴者文必工,艺痴者技必良,下面是爱岗的小编为家人们找到的5篇my dream英语作文的相关范文,欢迎参考阅读,希望对大家有一些参考价值。

my dream英语作文 篇一

There are always many bumps on the hard road of success, but as long as you are not afraid of difficulties and optimistic, the door to victory will always be open to you. This is my first experience in reading grass and tree.

Recalling this text, it said that Charlotte Brontes three sisters wanted to be strong and competitive when they were young. They had been full of good feelings for literature for a long time. When they grew up, they would strive to move forward to the other side of victory no matter what setbacks they suffered. In the end, the three of them finally became writers.

When I read she raised her head in a cone of shame and pain, nailed this letter full of coldness and prejudice to the head of the bed, and let him stimulate and flog his soul at any time, my heart was shocked. She is too strong. She does not bow her head in front of difficulties, does not cry in front of failures, does not regret in front of tribulations, which is really more frustrating and braver. The last paragraph of the article finally let me relax my mood, following the content of the text quietly close to the end. Although its a period behind me, but I still feel extraordinary, I cant help sighing: great, the three sisters finally succeeded.

After reading the article, I cant help thinking of myself. When they have difficulties in learning, they give up, while the three sisters of Charlotte are more frustrated and brave. I found my mother to cry when I was a little unhappy in my class, and they lost their mother when they were young There is a real difference between myself and Charlotte.

my dream英语作文 篇二

Hello everyone! it is my great pleasure to share my dream with you today.

Different people have different dreams. Some people dream of making a lot of money. Some people dream of living a happy life. Some people dream of being famous. Some people dream of going abroad, and so on.

My dream is to become a teacher.

You know being a teacher is very valuable and very interesting. I think that it must be a great fun to be with children all the day. and if I am a teacher, I can teach my students a lot of

knowledge. They might become stronger and cleverer because of me. That is a very contented feeling.

China is a developing country. Chinese are not that excellent in their intellegent. so teachers in China might be very very important. They can provide the society with a lot of successful people, and make China a better place.

Do you think that I have a good dream?I will work hard to make my dream become true!

my dream 英语作文 篇三

As a small girl, many teachers have asked me what do I want to be in the future, and my answer is always to be a teacher. It is my dream and I study so hard to realize it. Being a teacher can pass the knowledge to others and guide them to the right way. Thinking about the great contribution I make, everything is worth.


My dream 我的梦想(教师 篇四

Everyone has a dream.I also have a dream.I want to be a computer programmer.Because I like playing computer games,and then I want to make my own games.Of course,I know it is difficult to be a good computer programmer.So,I have to learn more the knowledges about the computer.For example,I'll have some computer lessons when I have time.And I will read more computer books everyday.What's,I'll join the computer club in high school.In conclusion,I will do some things to improve my computer operation.I am sure my dream will come true one day.



我的梦想英语作文 篇五

My dream weekend is Saturday, I’mgoing to Hainan. I am going to the sea. I will seemany tall trees. There will be many boys and grils.They are going to run and jump. I am going to swimin the sea too. At noon, I’m going to the KFC withmy mom and dad. In the afternoon, I’m going to thezoo. In the zoo, I am going to see mang animals.Maybe the monkeys will eat banans 。 Because theylike eating bananas.The kangaroos will jump. Oh, itwill be fun.Two tigers will fight. In the evening, we aregoing to watch TV together.

What about you?

What are you going to do on the dream weekend?